Imagine, of all things, your dryer breaks down… imagine your dryer not drying! Maybe you’re awaiting those clothes to dry for a special event and the dryer not working. Don’t worry, simply call Victoria Appliance Repair and we will save the day! We’ve been fixing dryers across Victoria BC for years, and we know how to handle any dryer issue – everything from spinning issues, temperature regulation problems, failure to turn on, error codes; we got you covered! So, if you’re looking for “dryer repair near me” look no further than Victoria Appliance Repair!

Dryer not drying? Same day dryer repair for the ultimate convenience

We understand that your life is busy. Victoria Appliance Repair respects busy living with hectic schedules, which is why we provide same day dryer repairs.



How can I maintain my dryer?

Maintain your dryer by doing the following:

  • Clean the vent.
  • Don’t put soiled clothes in your dryer. Only put clothes that have first been through your washer.
  • Clean the lint sheet regularly.
  • Wipe the outside of your dryer every so often.
Can I get my dryer fixed on the same day?

The problem with all appliance repairs is that you often need to replace a faulty part. Most appliance repairman techs carry spare parts with them, so if they have the necessary part same day repair is highly likely.

How often should I clean lint?

Clean the lint in your dryer after every cycle to avoid potential dangers and malfunctions. 

What do I do if my dryer is getting too hot?

A dryer can overheat for a couple of reasons. Hot air can get stuck in your dryer if there is restricted airflow to your dryer. Also, if the cycling thermostat breaks down, then it won’t automatically shut off the heating element when temperatures in your dryer get high. Call Victoria Appliance Repair for help.

What should I do if my dryer is not getting hot enough?

A defective heating element, an insufficient voltage to your dryer, a faulty thermal fuse, a thermostat that’s not working, and a broken timer motor are some of the reasons why your dryer isn’t heating up properly. When your dryer is not drying or heating properly, give our dryer appliance repairman a call.

Why does my dryer’s cycle last so long?

Keep in mind how many clothes you’re actually putting in the dryer because that could be the culprit to the cycle lasting so long. Before you call our appliance repairman professionals, make sure you’re putting in the appropriate amount of laundry. If you are putting in the right amount of clothes, and yet the problem still occurs, the issue might be the coil, the lint filter or the drum seal. In that case, call Victoria Appliance Repair right away and we will be there!

Why don’t my clothes smell fresh at the end of the cycle?

The problem with drying your clothes in a dryer machine is that no matter what you do, the items won’t smell as fresh as they would if air dried. You can try using Bounce sheets to enhance the smell or put in a baby wipe with a drop of essential oil with the clothes.

Why doesn’t my dryer spin well?

A faulty dryer belt is a usual cause of the dryer not spinning efficiently. Replacing it can be a tricky thing to do, so the best solution is to call an appliance repairman from Victoria Appliance Repair.  

Why can’t I start my dryer?

If your dryer won’t start, the problem can be as simple as your door switch, or as intricate as the motor. With issues like this, it’s always best to call an appliance repair Victoria BC company to deal with this issue.

Why is my dryer not drying properly?

The most common problem is the venting hose if your dryer takes a long time to dry. If there is anything blocking the venting hose, this significantly affects the rate at which your clothes dry.

Should I continue using my dryer if I notice a problem?

If your dryer is running hot, it’s not a good idea to use it until it’s repaired. You could end up with seriously damaged clothing. Call an appliance repair Victoria BC company to deal with this issue.

What if my dryer breaks again after a few days or weeks?

If your dryer continues to experience the same problem after our appliance repairs team has completed the work, it’s covered by our guarantee, and we will ensure that the matter is resolved right away.

What can I do to facilitate faster dryer repairs?

If you need us to perform dryer repairs, please leave your appliance as is and remove any clothing from the dryer before our appliance repairman technicians arrive. Do not attempt repairs yourself!

What if my dryer needs a new part?

Our appliance repair team arrives with tools and various parts for your dryer. After assessing the problem, our appliance repairman technicians will replace the necessary parts. If the part is not currently available, our technicians will advise on further steps. We have an extensive variety of parts on hand for dryers of all makes.

Will my dryer be repaired on the spot?

If we have the part on hand in our van, then appliance repairs can be completed on the spot. Victoria Appliance Repair always aims to complete repairs during the first visit.


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Fixing common and uncommon dryer issues

A long history of fixing many models and makes of dryers has turned us into quite the dryer repair experts. We’ve seen a wide range of issues, some that require replacement of parts, and some that do not. Call our appliance repairman team and we’ll send a technician over to fix your dryer right.

Inspect, repair, dry

Victoria Appliance Repair has a simple, straightforward approach to every dryer repair with 3 simple steps.

  1. Dryer not working? You call us – we come down same day
  2. We inspect your dryer and give you a quote
  3. Time to fix dryer – We repair your dryer (unless we do not have the replacement part that day)


Error Codes

If you notice an error code on your dryer, that means something’s not right with your dryer. To find the cause of the problem, the error code can be looked up your dryer’s user manual. Our appliance repairman professionals can help you determine the issue and repair it fast. Give us a call and our Victoria Appliance Repair technicians will be right on their way.

For any appliance repair Victoria BC call on us!

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