Your cooking abilities are limited without a reliable stove. We can fix that for you. Our professional stove repairs service is performed with the greatest care and attention. Our experienced appliance repairman team comes equipped with years of experience, knowledge and high-quality tools that will solve any issue you might be having with your appliance. If you’re searching for “stove repair near me” contact Victoria Appliance Repair today for quick and thorough repair services that will get you back to cooking right away.


Victoria Appliance Repair has what it takes

Victoria Appliance Repair’s skilled appliance repairman technicians are well trained and experienced in stoves of all makes and models. We’ll make all your stove problems go away after an inspection, some and maybe a spare part, and voila – your stove will be back up and running before you know it!



How can I maintain my stove?

Extend your stove’s lifetime by doing the following:

  • Clean any spill as soon as possible
  • Use elbow grease to clean spills that have been sitting for a while
  • Avoid boil overs
  • Clean stove parts regularly
  • Clean the inside of your stove’s door
Can oil spillage cause a fire on my stove?

Fat, grease and oil are not easily flammable, but such accidents do happen. Remember to keep things such as paper towels and other easily flammable objects away from the stove at all times.

How long can my stove stay on if I forget about it?

Leaving your stove on is not something you would want to do for obvious reasons. Nevertheless, if you do forget about a burner, this probably won’t cause a fire as they were designed to run indefinitely. The only thing to worry about is whether or not you left something on top.

How long does it take for stove repairs?

Stove repairs duration really depends on whether or not spare parts are required. Fixing the stove usually takes less than a day If the appliance repairman already has the spare parts. Stove repairs will take longer in the case that the spare part is not immediately available.

How long should my stove last?

Generally, your stove should last you between 10 and 15 years. To avoid breakdowns and frequent stove repairs, ensure that you maintain your stove as much as possible.

How do I clean hard stains on my stove?

Since metal pads can leave scratches on the surface and are not recommended, there are some other good solutions you can choose from. For example, something simple as boiling water or some salt and baking soda mixed with water can do the trick. If this doesn’t work for you, you can try using one-part white vinegar with two parts water into a spray bottle and spray it on the surface.

What to do when stove burners are too hot?

When the stove’s temperature is out of control, the infinite switch that controls the power supply to the burner is usually the cause. These stove repairs require a replacement part that an appliance repairman can simply get and install.

Some of my stove burners don’t heat up properly. What should I do?

Some stove burners don’t heat up properly, which usually means that the burner needs replacement. Otherwise, the cause of the problem can also be a bad connection to the burner socket or a faulty switch. It’s best to call a professional appliance repairman to fix this issue safely.

My stove doesn’t turn on. Why?

If you can’t turn on your stove, double check that it’s plugged into the wall socket. Sometimes, your stove may be perfectly fine, but it’s the burner that’s faulty. Before calling an appliance repairman, ensure that you check all burners and see if any of them are working. If this is not the case, a stove repairs expert will be able to help you out!

Should I try to repair my stove myself?

While it may be tempting, it’s not advisable to attempt stove repairs yourself. You could potentially make the problem worse, or you could even end up paying more. Instead, call Victoria Appliance Repair today for professional help. 

How much will my stove repairs cost?

The cost of stove repairs will depend on the issue. Here, at Victoria Appliance Repair, we always do everything in our power to keep the costs as low as possible!

Are all your stove repairs covered by a guarantee?

Yes, all stove repairs performed by our appliance repairman team are covered by our satisfaction guarantee.

When will my stove repairs be done?

We ensure that we are equipped all the necessary tools and various parts. Our aim is always to complete appliance repairs, including stove repairs within our first visit.

How can I speed up the repair process?

For speedy stove repairs, it’s important that you provide our team with all the relevant details regarding the problem and the make and model of the stove. If there’s anything you’re not sure of, Victoria Appliance Repair will be happy to assist. Make sure that your oven is empty before we arrive and that there’s nothing in the way that will prevent our appliance repairman team from completing the job.


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Common stove problems

We’ve repaired some difficult stove issues out there over the many years of servicing households across Vancouver Island. Our appliance repairman professionals always put your safety first and take the essential steps to ensure there are no hazards during and after the stove repairs are done. Some frequent issues we’ve encountered are:

  • Faulty burners that won’t turn on – which means there is a problem within the ignition or the burners themselves.
  • Temperature regulation problems – One of the most common stove problems that can be easily repaired by an experienced appliance repairman
  • Defective induction elements –A proper inspection from an appliance repairman will determine the cause of the issue in no time.



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