The Appliance Repair Victoria team offers professional oven repair services through out Victoria BC. With over 10 years of experience, we’ve become true experts at all oven repairs. If you call us with an “oven broken” status, don’t fret, we will fix it, despite the make and model.  We fix all major and minor oven issues, often within the same day. We know exactly how to repair your oven so that it functions optimally, whether it’s a simple glitch or a part needs to be replaced. Contact our appliance repairman team today for reliable and quick oven repair services in Victoria.


Why Choose Appliance Repair Victoria?

  • Licensed professionals
  • Experienced in all major oven makes and models
  • Over a decade of experience
  • Same-day service available at no extra charge
  • Fully insured
  • Up to one-year warranty


Reliable and Honest Appliance Repairman Team

It can be a drag when your oven appears broken or is malfunctioning. Some people google “oven broken” to see if the issue is something they can solve. We’ll save you the hassle and time of finding the right tools and making sure the job is done correctly.

We strive to be your one and only appliance repairman team in Victoria. We want you to rely on us when your oven isn’t working properly. Our dedicated team is here for you when you need us most. We try our best to get the job done efficiently and quickly without sacrificing the quality of our work.  Depending on appliance parts availability, Appliance Repair Victoria does same-day service.



How can I maintain my oven?

By performing the following tasks you can keep your oven in tip-top shape:

  • Unplug your oven when you’re cleaning it with water.
  • Replace the gas.
  • Clean your oven regularly.
  • Don’t clean under your oven’s knobs.
  • Inspect your oven’s burners.
Why does smoke come out of my oven at high temperatures?

Food residue can cause this issue. Make sure to check for any kind of residue before you start baking.

Why does my oven smell bad?

Lack of proper maintenance is usually the culprit of bad odors from your oven. Grease residue or any kind of food spill can be to blame. Certain cleaning products not meant as oven cleaner can also cause these bad smells, so we suggest you use an oven cleaner as it’s been tested on ovens and won’t leave a nasty smell.

Just because there is a foul smell does not always mean you need an appliance repairman to rush over. However, if you’re worried you can always call Appliance Repair Victoria to check it out!

How do I clean my oven properly?

Our team at Appliance Repair Victoria recommends cleaning food spills right away to keep your oven clean for a long time. If any spills are left too long, they become stubborn stains that are tough to remove. If you don’t have an oven cleaner or if you prefer home-made remedies, you can use a mixture of warm water and baking soda and leave it overnight. Simply remove the paste residue tomorrow morning.

Why does my oven’s fan make noises?

Any noises coming from an appliance can indicate a need for appliance repair. If, when you turn on the oven you hear loud noises, the reason is likely the circulation fan. If you hear noises after the oven has been on for a while, it’s probably the cooling fan. Give our appliance repairman team a call now.

Why isn't my oven turning on?

Fuse problems could be why your oven is failing to turn on.  The cause could also be issues with your oven’s igniters, or faulty switches and/or sensors. If you are faced with your oven not turning on call Appliance Repair Victoria now and we will send out one of our expert appliance repairman.

Why am I hearing popping noises from my oven?

Whenever you hear popping noises, it is good to check the igniter and burner as they might be burned out or blocked. If you prefer that a professional appliance repairman checks out the issue – no problem!  One of our team members will be out to help you as soon as possible.

My oven overcooks my meals. Why?

 If there is a problem with your thermostat, your meals could come out of the oven overcooked. The thermostat is designed to regulate the temperature in your oven.  If your meals are overcooked despite the temperature you select, Appliance Repair Victoria can help!

Why doesn’t my oven cook properly?

Generally, if your oven isn’t cooking properly, the igniter, the bake element or the broil element could be to blame. A defective bake element causes uneven temperatures and should be replaced by a professional appliance repairman. It will be apparent that the bake element works properly when it looks red hot. If your oven’s broil element fails, only the bake element will work, causing food to be improperly cooked.

How quickly can I expect an appliance repair technician to arrive?

We recognize the importance of functional household appliances so we treat each case as urgent. Appliance Repair Victoria does our best to get the job done the very day you call. Usually, we can get there within 3 hours.

Are your oven repairs guaranteed?

If your oven experiences the same problem after we have completed repairs, contact our appliance repair team immediately for first priority service. Our oven repairs are covered by our satisfaction guarantee.

How soon will my oven be repaired?

Our goal is to do repairs within same day of you calling us. We do everything we possibly can within the same day. Our appliance repair team comes prepared with the right tools and parts to ensure a quick repair.


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Common issues that result in oven repairs

Over time, we have been able to surmise the most common oven problems which include:

Sustaining proper oven temperature – Many people call Appliance Repair Victoria to report the following oven failures: it won’t heat up, it’s overheating, it’s not achieving the right temperature, etc. It’s important to find the right appliance repairman to fix an oven that undercooks or overcooks your meals.  The job performed will determine how well and how long-lasting the fix will be.

Failure to turn on – Sometimes ovens completely shut down – it could even happen when you’re about to host a large dinner party. Occasionally there is not much warning or indication, which could be horrendously inconvenient.  When an oven shuts down it usually requires the attention of a professional appliance repairman. If you call us – Appliance Repair Victoria, we’ll come to the rescue for same-day servicing.


What you can do

Check the oven temperature– It’s time to call Appliance Repair Victoria if the temperature is noticeably hotter or colder than it should be, according to the temperature dial.

If your oven does not turn on at all – When it comes to electric stoves, first step is to ensure that your electricity is on and that the plug is not faulty. You can test the plug by using another appliance that you know works well.  Appliance Repair Victoria can work on just about any oven brand, so no need to worry about that. Call on our appliance repairman team if your electric supply is perfectly fine but your oven simply does not turn on. We’ll be right by your oven’s side in no time.

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