If you’re looking for “washing repair near me” We offer same day washing machine repair service across Victoria. We are confident we can fix your washing machine issues since we have helped hundreds of clients resolve minor and major washer issues! Our appliance repairman team has years of experience with various brands, makes and models including:

  • Front loading
  • Washer and dryer combos
  • Top loading
  • Portable

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What should I be doing to maintain my washer?

Here are a few things you can do to keep your washer in good condition:

  • Check the water hoses. They will need to be changed if you see bulging, cracking, fraying, or leaks.
  • Make sure your washer is level.
  • Don’t overload your washer.
  • Keep some space between your washer and any walls.
  • Always measure your detergent.
  • Clean your washer from time to time.
  • Prevent mildew and bad odors.
What to do if my washer’s door won’t open?

In case the Washing machine door fails to open at the end of the cycle, it is mainly because the lock system is defective. Most washers have a manual release accessible from under the door lock, so you can try to open the door through that. If all else fails, call on Victoria Appliance Repair today!

Why doesn't my washer drain properly?

A clogged hose or even a clogged pump could be the reason your washer isn’t draining properly. It’s fairly common for things to get stuck in your washer’s pumps or hoses.

Why is my washer making squeaking noises?

Regular use can wear the belt down and make it frayed and cracked. The squeaking noise from your washer usually comes from the pump belt. A washing machine repair technician can easily replace the pump with a new one.

Why is my washer not turning on?

If your washer is not turning on, it is likely because the lid switch is faulty, the start switch or timer is broken, the washer’s motor is not working, or the main control board is broken. Our experienced washing machine repair technicians can quickly fix any of these complications for you. Call Victoria Appliance Repair now.

Some cycles don’t work on my washer. Why?

All types of washing machines have differing wash cycle options. One of the most common glitches with washer cycles is the hot wash. You will not be able to get the hot wash cycle if there is a problem with your water heater. If this is the case, you will need a washing machine repairman to replace it.

Why is my washer leaking?

The most common washer leakage comes from the door, in which case the problem is the door seal. If you find that your washer leaks water during the cycle, it might be best to call a washing machine repair expert from Victoria Appliance Repair who can easily diagnose and fix the issue.

What to do if my washer doesn’t fill up with water properly?

Clogged washing machine filters can cause your washer to improperly be filled with water. You can try to clean the filters and see if this will resolve the issue. If this fails, a washing machine repair technician can solve the issue promptly.

Why does my washer smell bad?

When a washer smells bad, it means there is usually bacteria or mold growing inside. What you can do is turn on a cycle with a mixture of vinegar and baking soda which will remove any mildew and bacteria growing inside. To prevent this from happening in the future, limit the use of detergent and softener since soap residue is ideal for such bacteria growth.

My washer doesn’t drain properly. Why?

Your washer likely won’t drain properly due to a clogged drain pump or hose. Simply remove the hoses from the pump to unclog them. If the problem persists, call a washing machine repair technician to help you.

Why doesn’t my washer spin properly?

When your washer doesn’t spin properly, the problem might be the motor, a broken belt, or the lid switch. A washing machine professional from Victoria Appliance Repair can help you fix these issues.

How long will my washer repairs take?

Victoria Appliance Repair team aims to arrive within 3 hours in order to assess the problem and determine a solution. The complexity of the problem will affect the duration of the repairs. We try our best to complete all appliance repairs within our first visit.

Is the work on my washer guaranteed?

Yes, we offer washing machine repair guarantees so you don’t need to worry.

What if a load of laundry is stuck inside my washer?

If you have laundry still in your machine and can’t open the door, then please leave it as is. During the repair process, our washing machine repair technicians will work to get the door open and resolve the problem.


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Common issues with washing machines

Most people run into one of three common issues with their washing machine: the machine won’t start, the machine is leaking, or the machine doesn’t finish a cycle properly (often accompanied by error code). If you’re experiencing one of these problems, you probably think you need washing machine repair. Here is some advice to consider before calling an appliance repairman.

The washing machine fails to start:

Try unplugging the machine and then plugging it back in. Make sure there is nothing in the way when closing the door and ensure that the door is fully closed. Sometimes simple steps like these will do the trick. If not, call our appliance repairman team at Victoria Appliance Repair to solve the problem asap!

The machine is leaking:

First, do not start another cycle until you allow the current cycle to complete. Also, do not over-stuff the machine as it can cause leaking when past full capacity. Check that the hoses that connect to the back of the washing machine are in working condition and well-attached. If following these suggestions and leaking still continues, give Victoria Appliance Repair a call. It could be that all your washing machine needs is a good cleaning.

The washing machine doesn’t finish a cycle:

Your machine might start off working fine, and then suddenly during the cycle, it stops.  Most often when this occurs, an error code will show up on the screen. In this case, look at the manual that came with the washing machine or look online for the make and model of your machine plus the error code. Sometimes it is a fixable issue such as instability during the spin cycle, an overfull machine, or an insufficient water supply. If you are unable to figure out the issue, you can count on Victoria Appliance Repair.


What to expect when Victoria Appliance Repair comes to the rescue!

The appliance repair Victoria BC experts who come to the rescue when your washing machine isn’t working are all trained and experienced. You will describe the problem, and the appliance repairman will perform a diagnostic inspection of the machine. Once the issue is discovered, we will explain everything so you understand exactly what is causing your washing machine to malfunction. We do our best to come equipped with the most common parts needed for washing machine repairs so we can do a same-day fix. If your washing machine isn’t working properly and you need reliable and affordable service just call Victoria Appliance Repair, one of the best appliance repair Victoria BC companies!

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